Custom Artwork Services

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Commission Services By Sergio Martinez

Sergio loves bringing your ideas into a real piece of art and would love to bring your vision to life. To get an artwork commissioned by Sergio, please send us an email with the answers of the following questions:-

1. What kind of work you are looking for? (Please send us images/references)

2. What kind of material would it be? (Acrylic, Pastel, Charcoal, Watercolor, oil) 

3. What is your size requirement for your artwork?

(Some popular sizes are 12X 16, 18X24, 20X24, 20X28, 16X 24)

4. Would you like your artwork to be portrait or landscape? 

5. When you would want your artwork? 

6. Where will we ship the painting?

Thank you 

Thank you for submitting your art ideas, We will respond with details of price & time frame. Please note that Sergio request submissions to be sent two months in advance.