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Q. In what mediums Sergio’s make art?

Sergio makes art in all forms of varied mediums.

Q. Does Sergio provide any kind of authentication for the artworks?

Yes, with every piece of original artwork you purchase, you receive a certification of authentication by Sergio.

Q. Does Sergio provide custom painting services?

Yes, Sergio does provide custom painting services. if you are interested in a custom painting, please submit your request two months advance from when you want the actual artwork.

Q. Does Sergio provide return or exchange on his artwork?

No, we do not provide any form of return or exchange.

Q. Do you also provide framing services with the artwork you create on commissions or likewise?

We do not frame any of the artwork from our end. As it involves many complexities and risk of damage while shipping.

Q. How do you take care of the handling of the artwork?

If the artwork is in the paper, we will ship it via tube. For other mediums, we use respective options to help you receive the artwork safely.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

On the orders from out of the country, import fees could be charged by the respective government. It depends upon individual countries policies. We request you to review your country’s local importing fees & taxes to avoid any last-minute costs. Generally, Buyers are responsible for all the custom fees. (Note: No customs fees is there in the U.S) 

Q. What kind of rights Sergio’s hold of the artwork?

Irrespective of time, Sergio Martinez hold the right to reproduce the sold artwork for promotional or commercial purposes. The artist withholds the reproduction rights and no artwork shall at any time be recreated or reproduced by any method without written permission of Sergio Martinez.

Q. How long will it take for the artwork to be delivered?

We promise to send you the artwork within three working days of the purchase. However, time to receive the artwork depends upon how efficient is the mail in the country from where the product is purchased.

Q. Would I able to resell your painting? 

Yes, you can easily resell the painting you have purchased as long as you are not doing this on a commercial activity.  Paintings are not to be purchased from the shop unless written permission from the artist.

Q. What type of material does Sergio use?

He only uses artist-grade material which means the best quality and it’s reflected in the art.

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