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Life Journey of Sergio Martinez

I was born in a small village in Michoacan, Mexico in 1967. Art caught my attention at an early age. When I was about 6 years old, I found a sketchbook in the storage room and my mom told me that it was my grandfather's old sketchbook, that was the moment that sparked my love for art. From that day on, I began sketching and reading books about art, art was always on my mind. In school, classmates asked me to do sketches for them. I began to notice how art felt so natural to me. 

I attended highschool in Zamora Michoacan. After school and weekends, I would visit the library and study art for hours. I learned about all the masters of art such as Rembrandt, Velazquez, Anthony Van Dyck, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and many more. I also continued to do sketches and paintings for friends at the time. After highschool, I went to a University near Mexico City called “Universidad Autonoma de Chapingo'' which had murals that Diego Rivera painted himself. I was constantly inspired by being surrounded by art. I often would visit art museums in Mexico City such as Rufino Tamayo and many others. 

In the late 80’s, I had the opportunity to enter the United States, I took the chance because I wanted a better life. When I arrived in California, I began working in the fields, it was hard work but I endured it. In spite of everything that’s happened, art never left my heart. I still remember myself “daydreaming” that time that one day I could be a full-time artist. After 2 years of working in California and Washington state, I was offered by my family to come to Chicago. I worked in restaurants, factories, warehouses, hotels, and golf clubs. Since 2007, I've been working as a sous chef in Crown plaza Chicago O'hare. Working with food is a different form of art for me that I really enjoy.

Being in Chicago, I took art workshops in community colleges, my passion grew even stronger for art. A hobby of mine is to visit art museums, festivals, and more. After years of accumulating a decent amount of art, I currently showcase my work in art festivals around Chicago. Today I’m focused on my art more than ever, receiving commissions, continuously learning. Chicago offers many opportunities for artists to create.  

One being an artist, I believe you shouldn't feel tied to specific art movements or mediums. I’ll tell you why, art movements and mediums have been changing throughout history, as life is constantly changing, so should we. Even though some artists think we should focus on one specific style, I believe the contrary. It's important to express what you really feel, for example Picasso would reinvent himself throughout his life. I respect all points of views, but that’s how I feel.

I really enjoy painting landscapes, still life, abstract, figure, with a wide range of mediums. When I'm deep in the process of painting, I’m brought to a different world, nothing else matters, it's comforting to know that I can transmit feelings, emotions and energy through a painting, it's simply incredible. Nature and the human figure are some of my main inspirations. I’m always grateful to know that people desire to own my work. When you make the decision to collect art, you’re having a connection with the artist through it, a time of the artist’s life, a piece of their story.

I welcome you in my art journey and share my passion for life beautiful emotions expressed through art, take and experience for yourself the learnings of my life in my art. Please take your time in looking through my offerings.



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