Sergio's Art Gallery

The Essence of True Feelings

Sergio's Art Gallery is the original work of the artist Sergio Martinez from Chicago. Sergio pulls from his Mexican culture and the outer tangible world to create his stories through art. His method of developing art take birth from his experiences as an a Mexican Artist, by emerging his past with the present scenarios. In spite of working into a different arena for over decades, his love for art has always been alive and lived through his art journey every day after work. He paints while reliving his Mexican culture, nature and dreams of a common man through art. Here we present you his offerings, lessons and inspirations to cherish with you forever.  Have a look at our gallery and contact us with any questions.

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Life Journey of Sergio Martinez

Beholden to Art

I was born in a small village in Michoacan, Mexico in 1967. Art caught my attention at an early age. When I was about 6 years old, I found a sketchbook in the storage room and my mom told me that it was my grandfather's old sketchbook, that was the moment that sparked my love for art. From that day on, I began sketching and reading books about art, art was always on my mind. In school, classmates asked me to do sketches for them. I began to notice how art felt so natural to me.